Registration to open for Milton recreational programs

February 28, 2017 by  

The community of Milton will once again be hosting a variety of activities throughout the spring and summer, and it has scheduled the registration dates for both residents and non-residents alike.

The town will be offering recreational, art and general interest activities, as well as summer camps and swimming lessons. Registration will be accepted in person, on the phone and online. In an effort to make it as easy as possible for local residents to find out what is gong on in the area, A Milton Community Services Guide has been prepared, and it can be picked up at most of the town’s facilities, and is also available for perusal online. The public is invited to browse through it to find out more information about any of the programs that are being offered. Items like this can be provided by a catalog printing company.

The official registration start date for those who live in Milton is March 7th for the camps, cycling, art, fitness and general interest programming, while the date to sign up for swimming lessons is March 28th. Those who don’t live in Milton are welcome to register two days after the beginning of the sign up period for residents.

More information about the programs being offered, as well as their price and other details, can be found on the Town of Milton website.