Regina expands bus service

September 25, 2015 by  

Residents of Hawkstone in the north end of Regina will now have access to public transit.

The new service will be offered as an extension of the Route 16 bus from Lakeridge and will cover the eastern portion of Rochedale Boulevard. This means that those who live in the area will not have to walk the three blocks it used to take to get the bus at a stop at a nearby shopping complex.

The city had been in favor of expanding the service but had held off until it would be viable to do so. One of the criteria for this is that the area should have a population of 1,000 residents per kilometer of route.

Several other neighborhoods in Regina are also in line to be serviced by the bus. They include the Southeast Lands and Greens on Gardiner and Westerra. Brochure printers will be able to produce maps of the new routes so that the public will know if it travels through their community, and if it does, where the different stops are.

During the first year of each of these runs, they will be closely monitored to make sure they are being used at a capacity that makes economic sense. If they are not, the city will look at adapting them to make them more attractive to commuters and other riders.