Purple martins to take pride of place during Camrose festival

May 8, 2017 by  

Purple martins are a species of swallow that can often be seen gracing the skies around Camrose, and the city will soon be hosting an event that celebrates the return of these birds to the area.

The city has planned its 8th annual Purple Martin Festival, which will feature lots to see and do for people of all ages and interests. It will include discussion of mountain bluebirds, their habitat, and how to protect the species, as well as one that addresses hawks, owls and other birds of prey. There will also be a panel discussion that will cover an assortment of topics, including how to construct and maintain a purple martin “apartment building” style birdhouse. These will be held for both beginner and experienced “martin landlords”. Digital copying can be used to produce copies of plans for these large birdhouses that can be given to each person who takes part in an event such as this.

As part of the day’s events, the attendees will hit the road for a guided tour of sites for these swallows in the city, as well as a backyard nature hike. The kids will also have special games, crafts and other activities planned just for them, and this has all been put together with an eye towards helping locals develop a greater understanding of the wildlife around them.

The Camrose Purple Martin Festival has been planned for June 17 in the Stoney Creek Centre. Additional details about the day, as well as the workshops and other festivities that have been planned, can be found on the Tourism Camrose website.