Printing company goes carbon neutral

November 27, 2010 by  

Postcard printing companies in New Westminster may want to follow in the footsteps of Vancouver-based Metropolitan Fine Printers. This printing company has recently gone carbon neutral, buying into the Al Gore-pushed environmentalist campaign to reduce apparent carbon footprints by the purchasing of carbon credits.

Carbon credits are a way for customers of Metropolitan Fine Printers to balance out their consumption of paper that they do on a per product basis. Despite this latest, pro-environmental lobby push by this printing company, they have already been working in the past to do their part to help out Mother Earth.

Metropolitan Fine Printers has already been using FSC-certified paper, recycling and also making sure that all of the procedures and practices at their printing company are as environmentally friendly as possible. To them, it just made sense to finally do this last effort to adhere even more to the environmentalist message.

According to the business development manager of Metropolitan Fine Printers, Nikos Kallas, the printing company’s customers are all on board with the environmentalist move. Their customers include both government agencies and private companies, and both kinds of customers are all set to begin their own transition to carbon neutral operations in the near future.

While this Vancouver-based printing company may seem to be too strict in its environmentalism, Kallas assures that this isn’t the case. They routinely push environmental products on their clients, but when the clients can’t afford it, this printing company doesn’t insist.

Before postcard printing companies in New Westminster jump on the green bandwagon, though, they may want to take a wait-and-see approach. After all, with environmentalist scandals like Climategate, more people are having their doubts.