Printers lectured to focus on both local markets and innovation

November 25, 2010 by  

On the second day of this year’s Print World exhibition in Toronto, attendees were lectured to focus mainly on local markets and innovation, words of wisdom that printing companies in Newmarket would probably find very useful. The keynote speaker at this year’s Print World was none other than the professor emeritus of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Frank Romano, and he made his opinion known to attendees loud and clear.

One of the themes to Romano’s lecture was that innovation would enable printers to charge their customers any premium they wanted, but with a hitch. Such innovation is not common in the printing industry with, according to Romano, Johannes Gutenberg being the one and only printer who was really able to charge any premium he wanted, on account of the newness of his printing press at the time.

The professor emeritus also delved into a statistics-rich argument, detailing with precision the revenue cycle in the print industry. According to his figures, said revenue was increasing in the years leading up to 2001 and then again 2008, primarily because of services that added value.

Romano closed out his lecture with a focus on local markets where he stressed the real value of publishing photo books. Photo books are one of the 13 categories of print in the industry. Another category that could do well in local markets is label printing.

If any of the heads of printing companies in the Newmarket area were in attendance for Romano’s lecture at Print World, they would have come away with some excellent ideas and guidance. Implementing said advice will be another matter entirely.