Printer that is ideal for banner printing

November 24, 2010 by  

A maker of printers that is especially ideal for banner printing is Oki Data, and this is relevant to owners of printing shops in Milton. Print shops that specialize in banner printing generally look for certain features in the printers they use for that specific purpose. One brand that is quite often cited as a reliable choice for banner printing is a certain model made by Oki Data Americas, a branch of the Japanese maker of printing equipment, Oki Data.

Oki Data has its headquarters in Tokyo, and it currently has a presence in more than 120 countries across the globe. Oki Data is renowned in Japan for making the first telephone there in 1881, but today, after in excess of 120 years as a technology company, it focuses mainly on telecommunications, printing equipment and even mechatronics products.

The Oki Data printer model that has printing shops so excited is the MC361, which is only an entry level model, but the fact that it is makes it all the better. For an affordable price, this model provides banner printing for banners all the way up to 52 inches in length. In addition, it features a 350-sheet capacity along with printing capability in both black and color options. Finally, it is designed in such a way to be compact, not taking up more space than it needs to.

Print shops in places like Milton are likely to be in the market for this attractive Oki Data model that handles banner printing so well. For a reasonable price, small businesses can get a lot out of the MC361.