Print World offers chance for printers to hear from top industry members

November 24, 2010 by  

Flyer printing companies in Oakville had a great opportunity to hear from top printing industry members at this year’s Print World exhibition in Toronto. Print World is a traveling exhibition that puts on printer-friendly shows at locations all over the world, and this year, Canada was lucky enough to host it.

In a seminar on Sunday, Print World showcased a presentation entitled the ‘Print Buyer’s Panel: What Print Buyers Really Want’. Sponsored by Rogers, all sorts of topics ranging from FSC to cold calls were covered. Appearing at the seminar were printing industry figures Mark Greene (LCBO’s director), Bonnie Cook (the production manager of House & Home Media), and Carey George (Up Inc.’s creative director as well as principal).

Some of the revelations that these top printing industry people shared with the audience were their thoughts on cold calls as well as the importance of knowing your potential client. Regarding cold calls, the panelists agreed that they were aggravating and thus served little purpose for printers. On the issue of knowing what company printers approach, the panelists were in agreement, too, that knowing what company you approach is time-saving and makes for a more efficient business model.

Conversely, the same panel handed out tips for sales representatives. Some of the tips explored the need not to exaggerate, the value of ensuring a reliable relationship, and the importance of honesty in the relationship.

Thanks to this seminar at Print World, flyer printing companies in Oakville had a chance to hear the secrets of success from top print industry members.