Print all the rage in the area

September 30, 2012 by  

Printers in the Mississauga and Toronto areas are finding that certain types of printing services are in higher demand than others, according to a recent article, prompting investments in stationery printers and technologies that fit in with current industry trends, although the is also evidence that more traditional printing is as popular as ever.

3D printing is one of those services that some local companies are beginning to offer clients who work in the architectural and automotive sectors. Though the idea is very much in its infancy, one printer in the Toronto area has extensively marketed 3D printing for the past five years, initially beginning with one 3D powder-based printer and now adding a resin-based machine that produces both prototypes as well as moveable parts.

Nevertheless, the widespread integration of 3D printing into society may yet be some way off and, in mid-September, poster printing was heavily used to raise awareness of a campaign to promote awareness of the decision to close down parts of the Ontario Northland Railway, affecting Mississauga’s transport links. Posters were seen in Timmins and were no doubt at a effective means of drawing attention to these plans.

Meanwhile, poster printing may also have been in force for the Mississauga Music Walk of Fame, which took place on September 7. Famous names like Oscar Peterson and Ronnie Hawkins were enshrine and it would be no surprise if printed souvenirs were produced to commemorate the occasion.

With new ideas coming to the forefront and tradition methods still popular, it is an exciting time for printing in the area.