Potential Halifax CFL franchise announces name

December 8, 2018 by  

The group of investors looking to bring a Canadian Football League team to Halifax, Nova Scotia have settled on a name for the prospective team.

After a period of consultation with the public, they announced that the new team, should it come to fruition, would have the same name as the Halifax team proposed in the 1980s that never played a game: the Atlantic Schooners.

The name was announced at the Grey Cup East Coast Kitchen Party, an annual gathering of Maritime hockey fans. The Schooners beat out other potential names such as the Atlantic Convoy, Admirals and Storm. The decision suggests a desire to pay homage to the area’s sporting and economic history, as well as plans to market the team to the entire Maritime region and not just Halifax. If the planned team is successful, the Schooners name will doubtlessly be used in poster printing and feature on countless jerseys and promotional products.

Maritime Football, the group of investors behind the proposed expansion team, has already made some strides towards making its plans a reality. More than 5,000 fans have pledged deposits towards season tickets for a hypothetical first year. The CFL also seems to be on board with the idea of a tenth team. The main obstacle may be building a stadium. Maritime Football has proposed building a 24,000-seat facility in the Shannon Park area, but Halifax’s City Council is still researching and negotiating the proposal.