Peach Festival obtains loan for electrical upgrades

April 16, 2017 by  

An interest-free loan has been given to the organizers for the Winona Peach Festival, for electrical improvements at the park.

The city of Hamilton has agreed to loan the festival $100,000 for electrical upgrades that are required to meet new building code standards recently introduced. To ensure public safety, the improvements must be completed before this years’ festival. The loan should be fully repaid by the festival organizers in 2027.

The festival has borrowed money from the city of Hamilton in the past. A $130,000 interest-free loan was granted in 2007, which the festival fully repaid in December last year. In 2000, the festival worked with the city by contributing $60,000 towards the purchase of 4.26 acres of land to expand the park.

Stoney Creek Councillor Brenda Johnson sees the situation as positive for the city. The festival organizers pay for the necessary electrical improvements, which enables the city to rent out the park more often.

The Winona Peach Festival is an annual event, hosting residents from the neighboring cities of Stoney Creek and Hamilton. This year’s event will be in honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary, as well as the festival’s 50th anniversary, from Friday August 25 to Sunday August 27.

The festival includes many attractions, such as live entertainment, an arts and crafts show, vehicle raffle and midway exhibition. There are also vendor exhibits, where retailers offer items to purchase, and could also endorse their business with signs and promotional products.

Over 2,000 volunteers from approximately 19 different organizations work together to organize the festival each year. This one weekend of fundraising allows the various organizations to operate each year without financial support from the government.