Ottawa set to host celebration of kombucha

June 11, 2018 by  

Kombucha is becoming a popular beverage, and a celebration has been planned for Ottawa that will offer the public a chance to learn more about this drink and sample it for themselves.

The festivities, which have been dubbed ‘Boochfest’, will include kombucha, food, music, a huge outdoor picnic, and an assortment of learning opportunities. There will be a variety of vendors on site, with many offering free samples to those who attend the function.

The public will have an opportunity to browse through the displays and try the fermented tea drink for themselves. They will be able to purchase a bottle to drink along with some food to enjoy while they mingle with others who share their interest in the beverage. Along with all of this, a competition has been planned to see who makes the best homemade version of the drink, and everyone is welcome to enter.

The planners have announced that they are currently accepting applications from any vendors that would be interested in taking part in the day. Print shops will be able to provide any businesses that take part in an event like this with packaging, promotional drinkware, brochures, banners, and any other printed items needed to make the most of the occasion.

Boochfest will be held on July 22 in Ottawa’s Horticulture building. More information can be found on the event’s website.