OpFair preparing to return to Burnaby

December 2, 2018 by  

Many cutting-edge careers are open to those with a background in the applied sciences, and students from Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University will soon be offered a chance to be part of an event that will showcase them to both the scholars and the rest of the world.

This year’s OpFair will include over 40 companies from both the local area and further away as well. They will have representatives on site to discuss what they do and how the field of applied sciences plays a role in their enterprise. Students can browse through the displays and while they do, they can learn about the different co-op placement options that are available and maybe even find a brand new career.

Along with learning about the opportunities that exist for them, the students can also use the event as a networking opportunity. They will be able to meet with industry experts, ask questions and have a chance to make a positive first impression, and well-designed business cards can often prove to be useful tools for this sort of occasion.

This two-day function is open to those in the university’s Faculty of Applied Sciences. Any companies interested in being a part of the expo are welcome to express their interest by registering online.

This year’s OpFair will be taking place in the university’s AQ North Hall on January 29 and 30. Further details and an opportunity for companies to RSVP can be found on its online listing.