Promotional Drinkware in Waterloo

Waterloo, which is located next to Kitchener, is a southern Ontario city with an economy that receives a large percentage of its input from the service and knowledge based industries. Financial services, research and development and the high tech sector are all important, and it also attracts many visitors every year. At Minuteman Press, we have many options when it comes to promotional drinkware in Waterloo, and can aid our customers in choosing the items that are best for them.

Promotional drinkware can range from printed water bottles to plastic drinking cups, wine and beer glasses, growlers, coffee mugs and many other items. There is something to fit every budget, and they can be a great way to market a business or event. The more expensive pieces can be an ideal choice for a special occasion, to give away as a premium or to add to a prize or gift basket, and they will all be a high quality and sure to impress. A professional printer can print them with whatever is desired, and its graphic arts experts can custom design a logo, text or any other graphics a customer requests.

A printing pro can meet with its local customers in person, and it can also accept orders placed over the phone and online. The items requested will be ready in almost no time at all.

At Minuteman Press, we are the people to call or top quality promotional drinkware in Waterloo. Get in touch with us today.