Xpress Ads in Vaughan

Vaughan is one of the York region’s largest cities, sitting near Toronto and surrounded by several more. Vaughan plays host to a number of construction and industrial businesses, as well as being the origin of smaller nationals. At Minuteman Press, we provide our Xpress Ads in Vaughan to connect consumers and businesses when they might otherwise never meet.

Xpress Ads are designed, made and shipped all as part of the same process. This makes them easier to purchase, deploy and benefit from than other forms of advertisement, which may involve multiple third parties beyond the business to be advertised. As long as mail is being delivered, Xpress Ads can reach up to 10,000 mailboxes per order, appearing with bold text and colour, and without envelopes.

Vaughan is a diverse city, and a properly-made Xpress Ad can help a business appeal to as many of its residents as possible. Statistics indicate that a large proportion of consumers are still responsive to mail marketing, and statistics related to perception rarely change, so it’s a safe bet that an Xpress Ad can generate a great deal of appeal. Enough initial appeal eventually converts directly into new customers.

At Minuteman Press we ensure that Vaughan businesses have the exposure to its residents that they need, and also provide Xpress Ads in Vaughan to businesses from elsewhere that want to break into the city’s markets. To inquire about our Xpress Ads, simply call, email us, or visit one of our offices today.