Postcards in Vaughan

Postcards in Vaughan are used by a number of groups, associations, and businesses to promote or invite people to events happening in the area. At Minuteman Press, we offer custom design and free quotes. The City of Vaughan is a provincially legislated amalgamated community, consisting of the former towns of Maple, Kleinburg, Woodbridge, and Concord. Although considered a small city by Canadian standards, this city offers residents a variety of festive events throughout the year, including the Peace Tree Day, the City of Vaughan Chinese New Year Celebration, and the annual WinterFest and Canada Day celebrations that are enjoyed by residents and visitors.

The groups that organize the festivities for this community have found that postcards in Vaughan are an effective and economical way to promote their events across the city. Often, the postcards are placed in busy locations across the city using literature stands, although most businesses in the city offer to place the postcards in the bottom of their customers’ shopping bags as a courtesy for the groups. Postcards are also placed in the major hotels, motels, restaurants, and at the tourist information centers in the area to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to pick one up and plan to attend. Once picked up, many people place the postcards on bulletin boards at home or in the office as a reminder of the pending event.

Artisans in this city use postcards in Vaughan as a method to promote their studios and exhibitions held each year at various locations. Most artists create a mailing list of people who have purchased their art or attended their shows, and mail each one a postcard that lists all their planned shows and open houses throughout the year. At Minuteman Press, we create postcards that are as unique as the business ordering them and provide free quotes. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.