Xpress Ads in Timmins

Timmins is one of north-eastern Ontario’s more populous cities, with land stretching out around it in all directions, and its surrounding highways dotted by small towns. It has its own set of residents with their own needs, and at Minuteman Press, we provide Xpress Ads in Timmins that help businesses make an impact in the city that they couldn’t otherwise.

Xpress Ads are mailed to residents in the city where they’re distributed, and they can reach up to 10,000 residents per order. They have no envelope, and usually include coloured text and single-colour backgrounds that make the ad stand out to the eye and help it convey information about the business it’s for. These attributes give them a bit of an advantage over conventional mail marketing, usually done through envelopes with smaller font and less attention-grabbing designs.

Timmins is an example of a city that’s spread across a massive area, alongside many of northern Ontario’s towns and cities. Xpress Ads are a form of effective, specific advertising that can reach consumers, no matter where their home is or how far away the target business is. With Xpress Ads, there’s no need to bank on potential consumers seeing the street space or area where advertising is set; mail marketing means that an advertisement is guaranteed to at least get close to its target audience.

Our team Minuteman Press puts a great deal of care and effort into providing our services to clients across Canada, and our Xpress Ads in Timmins are no exception. To inquire about our services or get a free price quote, you can call, email us, or drop by one of our offices today.