Xpress Ads in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is among Canada’s most populous towns, and is nestled in a region full of large and prominent cities, with Toronto not far away. Richmond Hill has its own mix of residents and commuters, as well as local businesses. At Minuteman Press, we provide Xpress Ads in Richmond Hill to help connect local businesses to potential customers.

Xpress Ads are a form of direct mail marketing, with design and shipping handled, that target up to 10,000 different consumers for pennies per ad. They feature a number of advantages that help make them somewhat more effective than other forms of mail marketing, in addition to the all-in-one ease of advertisement that the Xpress Ads service itself provides.

Resembling grocery store flyers and other types of pamphlets, Xpress Ads generally consist of one single sheet with a lot of colour and text. This means they fit easily into mailboxes of all sizes, and that a consumer is more likely to see what an ad is about at a glance.

At Minuteman Press we offer advertising solutions that can work across many different markets, and Richmond Hill is no exception. To inquire about our Xpress Ads in Richmond Hill, or to get a price quote, just visit one of our offices, call, or send us an email today.