Pop Up Banners in Richmond Hill

The town of Richmond Hill, Ontario is located just north of the city of Toronto. One of its mottos is “A little north, a little nicer.” A central point in the town is Mill Pond which features walking trails and a variety of wildlife including beavers. It is also the location of the Winter and Summer Carnivals. There are several large companies with offices here including Rogers Cable, Staples and Apotex. It is likely that at one time or another, some of these companies may decide they need pop up banners in Richmond Hill. When they do, we at Minuteman Press will be ready to help.

Pop up banners are upright banners on a pole they can be quickly and easily folded down for easy storage. They are custom designed to fit the client’s needs. The colorful banners stand out against a booth or beside a stage whether indoors or out. They are made of sturdy material and can be reused several times. Hiring a local printing company will ensure that a business can work with the graphic design professionals on a one-on-one basis. It will also save a company money on delivery charges or long-distance phone calls.

At Minuteman Press, we have been providing the local business community with products such as pop up banners in Richmond Hill for years. Call today for more information.