Xpress Ads in Ottawa

Ottawa, the nation’s capital, lies in southern Ontario and maintains one of the highest standards of living in the country, as well as being noted as one of Canada’s cleanest cities. The primary domains of employment are the Public Service of Canada, the high-tech industry, healthcare, and tourism. Many of the city’s economic activities are directly tied to it being Canada’s capital; the Federal government is Ottawa’s largest single employer. In bigger cities with plenty of economic competition, versatile, reliable and direct marketing solutions are always an asset. At Minuteman Press, we offer Xpress Ads in Ottawa to aid local enterprises in reaching their targeted clientele.

Xpress Ads allow business ventures around Ottawa to stay in touch with loyal customers, increase and strengthen their existing client base and remain relevant and familiar within a crowded businesses environment. These eye-catching, informative ads can feature special discounts and promotions, which will strongly encourage prospective patrons to reach out to a company in the capital when the need strikes for a particular product or service.

The added benefit of this form of direct marketing is that it permits businesses to closely follow and measure the results of their marketing activities. With these special ads, an enterprise can conveniently determine exactly how much they are spending to reach out directly to a potential client.

At Minuteman Press, we are committed to helping local businesses grow. Call or pay us a visit today to further explore the many advantages of using Xpress Ads in Ottawa.