Xpress Ads in Kitchener

The Waterloo region of Ontario offers a thriving tech sector and many jobs elsewhere, with one of Google’s campuses located in the heart of downtown Kitchener. Kitchener offers many other attractions, from an Oktoberfest that harkens back to when it was named Berlin, to local eateries and heritage sites. All of these businesses benefit from targeted advertising. At Minuteman Press, we offer Xpress Ads in Kitchener that can help catch the attention of many subsets of the city’s large and diverse population.

Our ads are envelope-free, and fit snugly into the city’s mailboxes. They’re designed to attract the attention of a person who would otherwise listlessly sort through mail, and they can use a combination of text, colours and illustrations to provide the viewer with an idea of what a business does, at a glance. Direct mail marketing is already regarded as an effective form of advertisement by bodies such as Canada Post, and Xpress Ads in Kitchener take advantage of the medium in ways many mailed advertisements cannot.

Xpress Ads are mailed directly to would-be customers, and up to 10,000 can be sent at a time for an affordable price per ad. This makes them highly cost-efficient in mid-sized cities like Kitchener, where even people who commute to the rest of the Waterloo region and beyond might be tempted to visit a local business if they receive an attractive flyer in the mail.

The Waterloo region is large, and advertising can be difficult and competitive for businesses both small and large. To inquire about our Xpress Ads in Kitchener and improve your business’s reach within the city, simply call, email us, or visit one of our nearby offices.