Xpress Ads in Guelph

Guelph, located in Southwestern Ontario, sits about 100 kilometers west of Downtown Toronto. The city’s extremely low crime rates, pleasant suburban and green spaces, and overall high standard of living make it a great choice for families. With a diversified and booming economy, Guelph boasts plenty of employment opportunities. Manufacturing and educational services are the leading industries in Guelph; it is also a North American beacon for foreign investors. Local businesses looking to expand their scope around the city can look to us at Minuteman Press for reliable marketing solutions. We provide customized Xpress Ads in Guelph and are pleased to help the local business community.

Xpress Ads are a proven effective form of direct mail advertising; they can be an integral part of many enterprises marketing efforts. Businesses around Guelph can use customized ads to remind the public about their products, services, specialties and where they can be found in the local community. They can also serve to introduce potential clients to a business and bring new, first-time customers on board.

The ads are published quarterly on a pre-determined schedule to guarantee maximum success during peak and holiday seasons. Compelling, personalised, tangible mailer ads will help set a business apart in a competitive business environment.

At Minuteman Press we offer a professional, full-service, direct marketing strategy with our exclusive Xpress Ads in Guelph. Contact our trusted, local team to further discuss how direct ads can help drive a business’ success.