Custom Apparel in Guelph

The growing city of Guelph is located in southern Ontario. It has a long history as a university town, and research, education, healthcare, manufacturing and the high-tech sector are just a few of the industries that call the community home. At Minuteman Press, we are at the forefront when it comes to custom apparel in Guelph, and can offer our clients a full selection of products to choose from at a budget-friendly price.

When a company is looking for a marketing product that combines effectiveness with a reasonable price tag, custom clothing can be an ideal choice. With everything from T-shirts to hats, sunglasses and even socks on offer, each of a printer’s customers can find an item that is a great fit for their needs. They can be printed with a business’s logo or other branding, and since they will put this into the eye of potential customers each time they are worn, they can be very useful marketing tools. A print company’s creative and knowledgeable staff can offer helpful advice about both design and item selection, and the products requested will be ready quickly.

At Minuteman Press, we are a local printer that offers some of the best custom apparel in Guelph. Call, visit our website or drop by our shop in person to discuss a print project and get a free quote today.