Xpress Ads in Brampton

Brampton, Ontario is part of the Greater Toronto Area and is located in Peel Region. First incorporated as a village in 1853, it is known as the ‘Flower Town of Canada’ due to a large number of greenhouses that used to line downtown streets. The city has a varied economy with companies in industries such as logistics, life sciences, and retail. No matter what industry they represent, businesses often invest in Xpress Ads in Brampton. We at Minuteman Press can provide these and many other marketing products.

When companies in Brampton decide to invest in ads, they are often planning to have a sale or introduce new products. Xpress Ads are one-page and printed on top quality card stock; they are not inserted in an envelope but simply mailed out as is. They will be mailed directly by the printing company to 10,000 people in a pre-chosen area.

The option makes for an excellent investment for business leaders. The price is all-inclusive, which means that the design, printing process, and mailing are all covered. They may feature money-saving coupons or business reply cards to order a catalog, depending on whatever the client wants.

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