Oakville small businesses invited to come together

September 10, 2018 by  

Small businesses can really benefit from networking with others in their community, and this is one of the driving principles behind a program that will be offered in Oakville this fall.

The six-week series of meetings, which have been dubbed ‘Cultivate Connection’ will bring together a diverse group of small business owners. They will meet for approximately one and a half hours, and during this face-to-face time, they will discuss problems, share best practices and offer support to one another.

Along with all of this, a different topic will be reviewed each week, and these will be selected based upon their relevance to helping a company achieve both its short- and long-term goals. There will also be a discussion about branding, and the attendees can bounce ideas off one another and brainstorm as well. A “members only” Facebook group will also be on offer so that the connections formed during the meetings can be fostered online.

Those who are interested in being a part of this networking and learning opportunity can choose to attend just one meeting or as many as they wish. Business cards and other materials for this type of function can be provided by an area printer.

The Cultivate Connection meetings will run throughout the month of October, and one is scheduled for each week. They will be held at 310 Kerr Street in Oakville, and more information can be found on its online listing.