Oakville preparing to host yearly celebration of maple syrup

February 13, 2018 by  

Maple trees have been tapped for their sap since First Nations times, and an Oakville event will continue this tradition.

The annual Maple Syrup Festival will be returning to Bronte Provincial Park for another year, and the public is welcome to come out and find out more about how sap is transformed into syrup, sugar and other sweet treats. The festival will be held each weekend throughout its schedule, as well as each day during the March break.

The public who come to the park will have a chance to receive a guided tour of the trail known as Maple Lan, where they will observe techniques that have been used to tap trees the way they were in the 1800’s. At Spruce Lane Farm, the guests can see how sap is boiled down to make maple sugar and taffy, and they can also visit the farm’s animal residents.

To help make the day complete, the park is offering pancake with sausages and syrup in the Pancake House. Visitors can also purchase maple products to enjoy at home. Packaging supplies and other items for this type of occasion can be designed by a printer in the local area.

The Maple Syrup Festival will be held throughout the month of March, and everyone is welcome. Anyone who wants more information can find it on the Visit Oakville website.