Newmarket workshop to help owners keep their vehicles happy

March 24, 2017 by  

Being able to perform basic vehicle maintenance can help a driver to extend the life of his or her vehicle, and a workshop has been organized for Newmarket that will give members of the public these skills.

The session, which the organizers feel is perfect for both new drivers and those who just want to brush up on their knowledge, will cover a variety of topics related to vehicle care. Guests will learn how to check their oil level and, if necessary top it up, how to check the pressure in their tires and make adjustments, proper winter car care, what to do should they experience a breakdown while driving, and much more. Comb binding can be utilized to craft simple yet durable manuals for each of the participants in the information session.

The workshop has been brought to the community through the assistance of The Shop, which is a not-for-profit vehicle donation program. It accepts donated vehicles which are then repaired and upgraded by young people who are being taught a range of technical skills they can use in their future careers. The cars or trucks are then sold, and the monies returned to help build the program.

The session will take place on Tuesday, March 28 at 1225 Twinney Drive in Newmarket. Anyone who would like to register to participate, or who wants further information, is invited to visit the community’s website.