Newmarket event to shine a light on the laser cutting process

October 21, 2017 by  

Newmarket homeowners who are interested in creating a unique piece of home décor, as well as those who want to learn new crafting skills, may wish to make plans to attend a workshop that will see them walk away with a light fixture of their own making.

Elaine Joy Roach will be facilitating the workshop, and each person who participates will have an opportunity to learn new design and crafting skills. The work will be done using a laser cutter, the fixture will be constructed using materials such a paper and wood, and, according the organizers, each maker can choose to keep it for themselves or give it as a handcrafted gift.

Participants will first design the fixture using Illustrator/Corel Draw and then cut it out using the laser cutting machine. The parts will then be sanded, stained or painted, the electrical works will be added and then the lighting will be ready for use. No experience is necessary, and the event is open to anyone who is age 14 and up. The registration fee will be $90 each. Sign printing can be used to create safety signage that can be used to ensure that those who take part in a workshop like this will be able to do so safely.

The location for the Design Your Very Own Modern Light Fixture session will be at 1310 Kerrisdale Blvd in Newmarket. More information can be found on the NewMakeIt website.