New trail could be coming to Woodstock

September 30, 2014 by  

There may soon be a new and improved trail for the use of Woodstock area residents.

The city council has been meeting with representatives from the Upper Thames Regional Conservation Authority (UTRCA) to discuss the possibility of constructing a new 12km trail around Pittock Lake that will form a continuous loop, joining Woodstock and Innerkip.

Since the land in question is under the jurisdiction of the UTRCA, the city is meeting with the organization to try and figure out which parcels of land can be purchased and which, according to current legislation, the city would have to lease.

This would put the trail under the control of the city, which would then become responsible for maintaining it and providing amenities of a higher standard than currently exists. UTRCA freely admits that its main mandate is to protect the water and prevent flooding, and not to maintain the trail.

The city plans on holding public information sessions in the future to discuss the plans and seek their input before going ahead with any deals. The not-for-profit group Friends of Pittock Lake has indicated that before it can do any fundraising to help support the new trail, there will need to be an agreement in place between the city and the UTRCA.

A new pathway could have economic as well as environmental and recreational benefits. Printing companies will be able to provide signage and other items required along its length.