Mobile phone app complements business cards

November 25, 2010 by  

Business cards seem somewhat out of place in today’s tech-heavy world, and while these relics can’t compare in excitement to new technology gadgets, many people still use them due to their reliability. Many companies, like those in Mississauga, that specialize in business card printing are still not running out of demand or clients for whom to print business cards. However, a new, tiny app for your mobile phone complements your traditional business cards perfectly.

The ABBYY Business Card Reader Reader 3.0 works harmoniously with your iPhone to allow its camera to take pictures of your business card. Then, this app will actually scan said pictures and make a new contact for you based on the information from your business card that it just scanned.

There are both free as well as full versions of this mobile phone app for your business cards. The main difference between the two versions is that the full version permits you to procure information that goes well beyond the basics of simply a contact’s first and last name along with a phone number, which is what the free version is limited to doing.

For those who wish to use the app in conjunction with their usual business cards, they may also integrate it with Facebook. Additionally, people may also use the ABBYY Business Card Reader 3.0 to look for addresses on Google maps and also look for contacts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

While business card printing by companies in Mississauga may remain in demand, this app gives people a handy, little alternative.