Mississauga workshop soon to take flight

January 9, 2019 by  

Many species of small songbirds call Mississauga home. They can be cheerful additions to the home garden, and those who participate in a workshop being offered by The Riverwood Conservancy will be able to welcome them into their yard so they can raise a family.

The session, which will be held in MacEwan House, will see members of the public construct a basic nesting box for small birds such as wrens and other cavity nesters. These can be hung on a tree, fence or other structure, and with a bit of luck, a feathered friend may just decide to call it home.

All of the materials needed to complete the nesting box project will be supplied to the participants, and they will also have access to a limited number of power screwdrivers and hammers. Anyone who would like to bring along their own tools, including a screwdriver with a Robertson #2 bit, is welcome to do so.

While there is no cost to register for the class, donations to help meet the expenses of offering the workshop will be appreciated. Printed instructions can be supplied with each kit used in an event like this, and these can be provided by area stationery printers.

Those who would like to be a part of this opportunity to add new life to their property are asked to register ahead of time. The class will be held on March 2.