Mississauga residents invited to be kind to the bees

February 19, 2017 by  

Bees play a vital role in the both their local ecosystems and the human food chain, but their numbers have dropped drastically in recent years. Mississauga residents will be given an opportunity to learn how to do their part to ensure the long-term survival of the tiny yet important creatures.

Each participant will learn how to build a bee house for native species such as mason bees, orchard bees, certain species of bumblebees, plasterer bees, sweat bees, and more. The only tools needed to construct the shelter is a power screwdriver, and it is then filled with the hollow stems of plants. One completed, it can be hung on a wall, fence post or tree and, with a little bit of luck, bees will accept the invitation and move in.

All of the materials, other than the plant stems, will be provided to those who take part. There is no cost to participate, but donations will be gratefully accepted, as these cover the cost of the materials. Comb binding can be used by the organizers of this type of event to create instructional handouts for each attendee.

The Build a Bee House workshop has been scheduled for April 1 in MacEwan House/Barn, which is located in the Rivewood Conservancy. More details can be found on the Mississauga website.