Mississauga museum exhibit to pay tribute to working dogs

September 9, 2018 by  

A free exhibition is on the agenda for Mississauga that will explore the relationship between service dogs and their handlers, and the public is welcome to come and check it out for themselves.

The ‘Beyond Sit and Stay: Dogs in Our Service’ exhibit will offer an insight into the role working dogs play in the life of their handlers and the community as a whole. It will explore how the relationship develops and changes over time, and also how the trust is built between the two parties.

The visitor centre at Benares Historic House will be the venue for this special event, and the doors are open to visitors seven day a week. Guests can learn more about how dogs are trained, what tasks they perform and how they can playy a role in everything from acting as a guide dogs for the visually impaired, to serving as police dogs or even “bomb sniffers” that can detect hidden explosive devices.

The exhibit will open at 12:00 noon and will remain accessible to the public until 4:00 each day. Signage, brochures and other materials for this type of occasion can be sourced from an area printing services provider.

This opportunity to focus on the role working dogs play in both the lives of their human companion and society as a whole is scheduled to open on September 26 and run until November 22. Anyone who would like to find out more can do so by visiting the city’s website.