Mississauga conservation area looks to tackle green invaders

March 15, 2017 by  

Invasive nonnative plant species can cause considerable damage to the ecosystems they inhabit, and residents of Mississauga are have asked to do their part for the environment by participating in an activity that will remove these harmful plants.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) has organized two events that will give the public an opportunity to keep Rattray Marsh healthy by digging up and removing species such as common buckthorn, garlic mustard, and other nonnatives. These grow rapidly and use up space, sunlight, nutrients and other resources, choking out other plants. According to CVC, the work of eliminating the invaders is very important, because it protects the habitats of the flora and fauna that are native to the area and are at a risk of having their growing spaces taken over.

Those who are interested in lending the local environment a helping hand by participating in either one of these events are asked to bring along sturdy pair of gloves, as well as strong boots, insect repellent and sunscreen. Snacks will be supplied. Those who organize events such as this can use pop-up banners to let the volunteers who come out know where to gather, and they can be made from materials that are suitable for use outdoors.

The first Rattray March Uproot Uprise has been planned for May 13, while the second will take place on June 10. They will both be held in the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, and more information can be found on the CVC website.