Milton’s Ice Cream Lab offers holiday workshop

November 8, 2018 by  

Milton, Ontario’s futuristic Ice Cream Lab will be letting fledgling bakers into its kitchen this holiday season to grow their skills.

While the best holiday treats may be recipes passed down through generations, the technicians at the Ice Cream Lab hope to add a scientific spin to the old favourites. The workshop is aimed at adults 18 or over with any level of baking skill.

The two-hour class will take place on the evening of December 14. Attendees are encouraged to reserve spots in advance, and can look forward to taking home their creations. Educational events such as this are a way for local businesses to reach out to the community and make a positive impact, as well as increase awareness of their brand. They are generally advertised online or through flyer printing and poster printing.

The Ice Cream Lab, launched as a family business, is noted for serving handmade ice-cream flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen before the customer’s eyes. In addition to ice cream, the store serves pastry and other baked goods. As part of its mission to spread culinary knowledge and understanding, the lab hosts workshops for various age groups, including an upcoming ‘PD Day Winter Workshop’ and a cake-making class aimed at teens. They also offer to assist local schools with science and cooking lessons in both the lab and the classroom.