Milton green thumbs dig in to help relocate garden

October 26, 2015 by  

Milton District Hospital is currently undergoing an expansion, and members of the Milton and District Horticultural Society have rallied together to help make sure its shade garden will survive.

Those involved with the organization volunteered to move the plants so that they wouldn’t be destroyed during the process of installing water mains into the building. Together, they moved the greenery including shrubs, small plants and even trees, as well as rocks to Allendale, which is a long-term care facility in the community. The cooperation of the participants allowed them to do this in just a few days. A printer who can also provide graphic design services can produce t-shirts that have the organization’s logo on them for the volunteers to wear when they are engaged in activities throughout the community.

The two trees, one a contorted larch and the other a Japanese maple, were replanted. One has a new home at Allendale while the other has been moved to Deborah’s House, which is a not-for-profit that helps adults who are living with disabilities.

Along with moving the plants, the volunteers also got their new home gardens ready. Triple mix was used to give them a good start. All told, three small gardens and one large one were installed. They are full of perennials as well as the Japanese maple, which the society hopes will do well and help to beautify their new surroundings.