Mental health presentation panned for Chilliwack

April 27, 2017 by  

Depression affects many people in the community, and during a Chilliwack workshop, the public will have an opportunity to learn more about this disease and the steps they can take to help themselves or support those living with this condition.

Lenore Smith, who is a registered nurse and Chilliwack Clinical Mental Health clinician, will facilitate the function. She will discuss the warning signs and symptoms of this mental illness, and also the cycle that it tends to follow. They will also learn how this condition can affect a person’s mental health and their relationships with others and the different treatment options that are available.

In addition to all of the above, participants will have a chance to learn prevention strategies, and also how to find help for themselves or someone they care about if they are worried they may be affected by depression. The goal is to help people learn how to help themselves and others, and also to remove some of the stigma associated with this mental health issue. Brochures and other informational materials for a workshop like this can be prepared by a local printing company.

The presentation will be given in the Chilliwack Library branch located at 45860 First Avenue on May 2. There is no charge for community members to participate, and additional details can be found on the community’s website.