Medicine Hat seeks out its cyclists

February 18, 2017 by  

Though autumn may seem a long time away, Medicine Hat cyclists and those who want to give others a hand up may wish to include an upcoming event in their plan for the season.

The Test of Humanity bike race will see cyclists of all ages engaging in a fun completion to raise money for Canadian Humanitarian’s efforts to help people living in Africa through education. Participants will be asked to cycle as many times as they possibly can along a circular route in a given period of time. They can do so individually or as a team, and those who form teams are encouraged to engage in friendly competition to see which one can raise the most money, has the funniest costumes, and more.

Along with the biking portion of the event, there will be fun activities to enjoy throughout the day, and prizes will be given during a closing awards ceremony. Digital printing can be utilized to print award certificates and other items that can be given to the cyclists as a way of saying thank you for their assistance.

The Test of Humanity has been planned for September 23 at Cyclepath Medicine Hat. Anyone who is interested in taking part is invited to form a team and start their fundraising now. Additional details can be found by visiting the event’s website and completing the contact form that has been provided.