Paper Scoring in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a vibrant city with much to offer those who have a taste for culture and entertainment, and it’s also home to a thriving industrial sector. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet and its symphony orchestra give regular performances, and it has many museums and other attractions. Whenever anyone finds themselves in need of paper scoring in Winnipeg, they turn to us first at Minuteman Press, as we are well known for being the best when it comes printing services.

While paper scoring may not be something you have heard of, it is a very important part of our printing process. We use it to ensure that all of the folds in the products we create and clean and sharp, and this gives our items a very polished and professional look. We can also use it to create perforations that make it easy to detach an important part of an item, such as the section that contains contact information or a coupon.

When it comes to more personal printed products, our scoring technology can also come into play. We can use it to produce cut outs and other special touches, which allows us to craft uniquely designed invitations, certificates, holiday cards and more.

We at Minuteman Press are leading the way when it comes to printing techniques and technology, including paper scoring in Winnipeg. Give us a call today to find out more.