Flyer Printing in Winnipeg

The origin of the name of the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the Western Cree word for “muddy waters”. It started out as a trading post for the Cree and French traders built the first fort there in 1738. Since then, the city has become a hub of transportation and is referred to as ‘the gateway to the west’. There are businesses of all kinds and sizes located here and at times some of them need to invest in flyer printing in Winnipeg. When they do, we hope that they think of us at Minuteman Press first.

Flyers are an important tool in advertising and printing companies can often supply such products to their clients for a very reasonable price, especially if purchased in bulk. Flyers are amongst the most versatile items used in marketing; they can be distributed as inserts in local newspapers, sent out by direct mail to a select group of residents or they can be handed out on street corners. They are easy to produce and can go a long way in drawing attention to a product, services or special event.

If you are in the market for flyer printing in Winnipeg, consider us at Minuteman Press. We have years of experience in the area and we are known for our quality and attention to detail. Call us today.