London’s Growing Chefs invites adult learners

December 28, 2018 by  

Growing Chefs, a London, Ontario-based charity, is known for its work with children and families, but it is now branching out to monthly classes aimed at adults.

In an age of delivery apps and microwave dinners, it’s easy for adults’ cooking skills to decline or just never develop in the first place. Growing Chefs aims to counteract that trend with practical classes focusing on specific skills.

A typical class is the upcoming January event, which takes place on January 9 at Growing Chefs’ London headquarters. The class focuses on ‘Knife skills: the best ways to get quick and even cuts of vegetables and meats’. The seminar will include both basic and advanced techniques, and culminate in the cooking of a meal using the students’ new skills. There will also be a special guest, Gage Corlettgage from Hamilton’s Sharp Knife store.

Future instalments of the series feature topics such as vegan cuisine and gluten-free cooking.

Grassroots and non-profit events like this don’t have access to the advertising budgets of professional schools, but can use social media as well as local print services for brochure printing and marketing.

In addition to their adult classes, Growing Chefs offers monthly kid’s lessons at a pay-what-you-can rate, as well as a series of ‘Sunday Suppers’ highlighting local chefs and family activity nights. In the summer, it runs dedicated camps for kids from kindergarten to Grade 8.