London symposium to explore growing world of local grains

August 7, 2018 by  

A variety of grains and other ingredients are grown in the local area, and a London symposium will explore how professional bakers and others who are interested can use these to create a variety of tasty baked goods.

The Regenerate Bread Camp will connect those who grow grains in the area with the millers who convert their products into flours and other ingredients, and also the bakers and others who then use these in their products. Many of these are specialty grains, and part of the event will be dedicated to comparing commodity and specialty agricultural products.

The participants in the symposium will discuss how locally grown ingredients compare with those typically found in the grocery store and how they can be used in pastry making and other baking applications. Local honey will be included in the conversation, and there will also be a review of how a professional bakery in the area conducts its operations.

Along with the presentations, attendees will engage in hands-on learning. The participants will bake in a wood burning oven, and they will also have an opportunity to review how heritage grains can be utilized in recipes that use fermentation. Print shops can provide copies of recipes and other information for an occasion such as this.

This symposium, which will investigate the rising world of locally gown grains, will be held on October 20 and 21. The registration fee will be $298, and it will take place at 460 King Street.