London Museum exhibit encourages breakdown of ‘fourth wall’

April 25, 2012 by  

London residents with a strong interest in politics and citizen engagement will be eager to check out Toronto organizer and artist Dave Meslin’s April 26 ‘Fourth Wall’ exhibit at the London museum. Fourth Wall is an interactive exhibit and community event open to everyone and arrives in London as a highly anticipated and event that has a broader political significance.

The ‘Fourth Wall’ term describes what separates an audience from the a stage and Meslin contends that City Hall also has its own fourth wall, as most residents are usually just spectators of local politics. The exhibit challenges and offers answers on how to break the fourth wall and create a sense of local culture and citizen engagement.

Banner printing have been put up in anticipation of the exhibit, which will welcome both art enthusiasts and politically active citizens. The opening reception takes place at the Museum London Community Gallery on Thursday, April 26, between 5:30-7:30pm. The exhibit will also be open to the public all day on Friday, April 27.

The ‘Change Camp’ is another engaging citizen engagement event set up in London for Saturday, April 28 that compliments the exhibit. To help citizens become more active, participants are asked to be reflective on the concept of citizen engagement and bring ideas on how to break through the Fourth Wall.

Information about brochure printing about both events is available at the Museum London Community Gallery. The cost of both exhibits and the Camp are free. Participants can also register online.