Locals rescue Regina ducks in peril

June 30, 2015 by  

A clutch of baby ducks in Regina were recently rescued by a group of “good Samaritans”.

The family spotted the ducklings that had become trapped in a storm sewer, and wanted to help. They quickly attached a butterfly net to a hockey stick and scoped the tiny birds up one at a time. They had become trapped when they were following their mother as she walked across the grate on her way to a nearby lake.

Ceiligh Dodds saw what had happened, and ran to tell her father. He made the rescue, and then, after giving the babies a chance to recover for a few minutes, reunited them with their flock.

This is not the first time that waterfowl have needed a helping hand in the city. A group of orphaned baby ducks were picked up at the side of the highway and taken to the city’s Salthaven Wildlife West wildlife centre. The centre’s director of rehabilitation, Megan Lawrence, is asking driver’s to be on the lookout for ducks crossing the road, and that should they not be able to avoid hitting a mother duck, they are welcome to bring the babies to the shelter for care. A printing company can produce flyers that let the public know what to do should this happen to them.

Since the rescue, the Dodds have been back to check on the family, and the mother and ducklings have since moved on.