Local writer pens history of Leduc

November 6, 2018 by  

Area sportswriter-cum-historian Tom Dirsa has written and self-published a milestone history of Leduc, Alberta.

The book, titled ‘Leduc: Then & Now’ features stories and photographs demonstrating the city’s growth over the years, as well as its colourful past. It includes stories such as the founding of the town by settler Robert Telford, the Leduc Hotel explosion on Remembrance Day 1950, and the brief history of Leduc’s first library.

Disra has said he was motivated to write the book upon realizing that the most recent history book dealing with the city was published in 1956. A longtime teacher, Disra moved to Leduc a decade ago, writing local sports stories for the Pipestone Flier and publishing two children’s books. He received a degree in history during his college days, and these were skills that became useful once more when researching the history of his new home.

The history is available through the self-publishing site Lulu, which describes it as telling:

“…a story about the people, events, and organizations that contributed to the development of Leduc.”

Self-publishing is often the most appropriate option when targeting a highly specific audience. Works like these can be self-published through specialist companies or local printing services, which can help with areas like graphic design.

‘Leduc: Then & Now’ is also on shelves at the Leduc Public Library for residents interested in the history of their city.