Local retirement residence will help beat the heat this summer

March 16, 2017 by  

The new Amica retirement residence in Stoney Creek will be opening an ice cream parlour this summer.

In September 2012, the local dairy shop closed its doors, making way for a modern retirement residence to be built. Amica opened in January this year, welcoming 155 new residents to the community.

However, many of the Amica residents remember the 70-year-old former ice cream shop fondly. The property remains significant to the Stoney Creek community, holding memories of first dates and summer employment. To honour the dairy and the service it provided to the community, the staff and residents of the retirement facility decided to add an ice cream parlor to the new building.

It was not long before people came forward, with souvenirs they had kept from the longstanding dairy. These unique treasures will be displayed in the new parlor, along with many photographs of the old building.

The Amica ice cream parlor will open this summer, with the opportunity for the surrounding community to visit the retirement residence on the weekends. It is possible that a printing company may be utilized, to create flyers and coordinate newsletter printing, to promote the new attraction to the public.

Staff at Amica are still hard at work, putting the finishing touches on the parlor, which will offer a seating area with a view of King Street East.