Local real estate company sheds light on most desirable school zones

October 3, 2017 by  

According to Zoocasa Realty Inc., living in a higher-priced neighbourhood does not guarantee superior scholastic achievement for your children.

Zoocasa used the math, reading and writing test results published by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), to calculate a score for each school. The company compared these results against the average cost of a home (based on recent 2017 sales), within the 97 greater Hamilton area school zones.

The full service real estate firm reported that their findings revealed that higher home prices did not mean higher EQAO test scores.

Beverly Central Elementary School in Flamborough had the highest test score of 3.22, with an average home sale price of $543,959 in its zone. This is just over $50,000.00 more than the average cost to buy a home across the entire greater Hamilton area of $491,266.00.

The neighborhood with the highest average home price was in Ancaster, in the Immaculate Conception Elementary School zone. This area had an average home price of $838,337, with an EQAO test score of 2.92.

One of the cheapest neighborhoods to live in was found in Hamilton, in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Elementary School boundary. The average house sold for $396,964 with an EQAO test score of 2.97.

Zoocasa pointed out that homes sold in the Immaculate Conception boundary were almost $450,000 more than the homes sold in the Sacred Heart school zone, despite the fact that student’s scored at nearly the same level on the EQAO testing.

Companies like Zoocasa often incorporate these results into their promotional products and business forms to help clients make informed decisions when buying a home.