Lethbridge gardeners invited to seed celebration

February 23, 2017 by  

Calgary will be hosting an event that celebrates the importance of open pollinated seeds and the role they play in crop diversity and food security, and residents of Lethbridge are invited to join with their friends and ride to the function in style.

The Lethbridge and District Horticultural Society will be partnering with the Galt Museum and Archives and Red Arrow Motorcoach to transport people to Calgary’s Seedy Saturday. Once there, they can participate in the seed exchange, which gives families and others who grow and propagate non-patented cultivars, heirloom verities and other genetically diverse plants an opportunity to share the products of their efforts with others.

While on the way to the event, those who participate will be treated to informational presentations about horticulture, with breakfast, lunch and beverages provided. Once they arrive at the event, they can take in the offerings from the more than 75 different exhibitors that will be on hand and also purchase seeds, plants and cuttings. Comb binding can be utilized to create planting guides and other materials that can be distributed to each person who participates in a function like this.

The bus will set out from the Galt Museum at 7:30 am on March 18th and return during the evening on that date. Anyone who is interested in participating, or who just needs further information, is invited to contact 403-320-3954 to register or have their questions answered.