Langley workshop to focus on weaning

October 15, 2017 by  

Many parents wonder about when the right time is to start their baby on eating solid foods, and a morning information session will be taking place in Langley that will shine a light on the subject.

Both parents and babies alike are invited to come to the event, which will address a variety of topics related to introducing solid foods into a baby’s diet. The facilitator will discuss what age is a good age to start weaning, what a child’s nutrition needs are during their first year, how to prevent choking and other hazards, allergies, and how much to feed a young child.

A registered dietician will be on hand to answer questions from the guests, and those who come out are encouraged to bring along their baby so they can socialize with the other children while the moms and caregivers network and learn. Spouses and partners are also welcome, and the exact location will be sent to each person when they register. A printer can supply recipe cards for an event like this, and can use lamination to make sure they will stay protected from spills in the kitchen.

This workshop, which will help to demystify the process of switching a baby to solid foods, has been planned for November 25. Anyone who is interested in finding out more can do so on the organizer’s Facebook listing.