Huge tattoo festival coming to Halifax

April 18, 2017 by  

This spring, Halifax will be hosting an event that will bring tattoo artists and the public together.

During the 11th annual Maritime Tattoo Festival 2017, tattooing professionals from all over the world will be gathering together in an event that will offer something for everyone. Along with getting ‘inked’, attendees can browse through the different vendor displays, enter hourly contests, enjoy the live music, and watch the slideshow. The artists themselves can participate in a special meet and greet and workshops, and there will also be an opportunity to sign up for a Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Prevention and Control Seminar on the day before the festivities begin.

The organizers of the function are currently accepting applications from artists and related vendors that are interested in taking part in the three-day festival that attracts many people each year. Anyone who is considering participating and would like additional details can email

Both regular and VIP passes will be available for the event. Day passes are $15, while those for the full weekend will be $35. VIP passes are $80, and include free access to after parties and a sternwheeler night cruise around Halifax harbour. A printer can supply those who organize large functions such as this with banners and other decorative materials.

The festival will run from May 20 to 22 in the Halifax Forum. Anyone who would like to purchase their passes in advance or find out more is invited to visit the function’s website.