Horse first aid training planned for Timmins

June 18, 2017 by  

A course will soon be held in Timmins that will give horse owners a set of skills that they can use to help their horse in the case of an emergency until professional help arrives.

The workshop will cover a variety of areas related to equine health and first aid. The facilitator will address deciding whether the vet needs to be called, what information to relay should they need to be contacted and also what to do until help arrives.

Other subjects to be addressed on the day include making sure the horse is in good condition before exercising them and spotting minor injuries before they get worse. A printer can use comb binding to craft bound copies of the handouts, workbooks and other materials for a training session such as this.

In addition to all of this, attendees will learn about an assortment of common horse health problems including colic and cast, hoof health, respiratory problems, taking vitals, evaluating pain and more. The course will run throughout the day, and refreshments will be served. Each participant will receive both manuals and other course materials, as well as a certificate that indicates they have completed the training. The registration fee will be $149.00.

The workshop has been scheduled for June 25th at Clovercroft Farm. More information has been provided on the Timmins Chamber of Commerce website.